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California Farm is the official site owned and maintained by the Independent Insurance Agency of Athena Insurance and Financial Services located in Pine Grove California.

"Athena Insurance" was established in 1996 and now operates in several States providing excellent professional insurance services to the agricultural industry. We are here to server you with Integrity, Honesty, Trust and Wisdom.  (see out reviews here)

Today, we are associated as an "affiliate" with one of the Nations largest ranked Insurance Agencies. Together we represent more that 200 insurance carriers to meet or exceed most insurance needs.

In addition, we have access to the Nation's largest Agricultural Insurance companies.  Keep the farm in the family and insure it correctly with us!

We are active members in our local associations such as California Farm Bureau and The Grange, Amador Chamber of Commerce and the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


As Independent Insurance Agents our role is different than "some" Agents. The role of an Independent Agent is to put "YOUR" insurance needs before any "one particular" carrier's appetite for our production.  To be clear on this statement please read on.  Our Agency has written contracts with many Insurance Companies and General Managing Agencies (MGA's). Our agreement in part allows us the freedom to operate independently and represent "YOU." Simply put this means our "hands are free" to offer you more than one quote.  It's nice to have choices right?

Here is a short list of quality Ag Insurance related Companies we bring to the table: Allied Insurance a Nationwide Company, American Modern Insurance Group, Travelers Insurance a St. Paul Company, Markel Insurance, The Hartford Insurance Company, Great American Insurance Company, Firemens Fund Insurance Company, Colony Insurance Company, The Burlington Insurance Company, IFG and more...

And we are always willing to interview other Ag Insurance Companies who offer our client's valuable insurance services. Do you know of any that would be of interest to us and that provide service in California? Drop us a line please. We would greatly appreciate it.  Refer the name of the company by clicking here.


You need ask no one to know... that people in the Agricultural Industry are a "special breed." Meaning... we like to make our business decisions based upon how our "relationship is" with the person we are dealing with.  Today the World has us moving faster and faster but we Ag Peeps... we like to do things at our own pace and for the most part in our own way.

The key point here is that "relationships" is what set us apart from others. We value the trust and respect of individuals that know our business and share a genuine concern about Keeping the Farm in the family!  This is our feeling also.


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Here is some more good stuff! This is a partial list of our Specialty web sites.  We got what you need.